“Dance Off”
Season 1, Episode 5

Christopher Vane


Eric Dean Seaton

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Double Whammy


“Charlie Did It!”

Dance Off is an episode in Season 1 of Good Luck Charlie.


A Moonlight dance is approaching at Teddy's school. Teddy asks Spencer out for the big night and Ivy asks out Emmet so she and Teddy can get rides to the dance. Teddy tries to get her first kiss from Spencer, but Emmett, who also likes Teddy, tries to distract Spencer which leads to a dance-off between the two. However, Teddy gets her first kiss with Spencer anyway. Meanwhile, Gabe tries to get his parents to argue at a parent-teacher meeting because he has been lying to his teacher and saying that he could not complete his assignments because of his parents arguing, so he releases the class' pet rat, which runs around the room scaring everyone.

End CreditsEdit

Charlie is seen to be dancing in a school dance.


  • During the video diary, Teddy is supposed to say, "Good Luck, Charlie." but she didn't.